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The Restoration Industries’ Perfect Pack-out Partner

Triumph Contents Restoration has a specialized content management team, providing complete pack out and content restoration services. When a loss occurs, whether fire or flood, and dealing with potential contents damage, time is of the essence. Triumph is called to “pack out” the affected contents to prevent damage or further damage as well as to immediately begin the contents restoration processes.

We provide our restoration partners and property owners with:

    • • Proper and meticulous pack out with content inventory and damage assessment reports - If removal of contents is necessary, this process should begin immediately following the loss. Upon arrival, our crew inspects, documents and inventories all contents prior to removal. Pre-existing damage, as well as damage resulting from the loss are well documented.

    • • Careful and professional transport, resulting in less damage and liability - Once the items are inventoried, they will be safely and securely “packed-out” and readied for transport back to our facility as needed.

    • • Climate controlled storage in Triumph’s secure facility - Upon arrival, contents will be staged and stored in our secure, climate controlled facility where they will be held for delivery immediately upon the completion of the scheduled repairs.

    • • Specialized contents cleaning (including ozone / odor treatment) - Depending on the item and type of loss, we will utilize a number of specialized cleaning processes including our deodorizing chamber, HEPA vacuuming , setting up proper containment barriers to prevent cross contamination while processing of contents and/or detailed hand cleaning techniques. We will use the process or combination of processes to ensure the best possible result. Once effectively processed and deodorized or sanitized, items are re-packed for proper storage.

    • • Furniture restoration services - If restoration is required, items will be identified based on various criteria for the best restoration procedures, which may be a combination of processes to ensure the best results. Triumph also partners with outside professionals to ensure proper and prudent restoring services are provided.

    • • Professional delivery and set up upon completion of all restoration processes, including resetting all bric-brac items - Once repairs to your home or business are complete, Triumph will coordinate a delivery date to return and reset all your furniture and other contents. With digital photo documentation and inventory, great care is taken to return the items to their original place. As standard procedure, contents are boxed and identified by room and location within.

    • • Thorough communication with property owners, insurance adjusters, contractors and referring restoration company – Keeping open lines of communication with all parties is critical to controlling claims costs as well as the project on time to ensure the property owners are able to return to their home or business as quickly as possible.

    • • Custom billing tailored to fit your current business needs - Utilizing Xactimate and as a courtesy to our clients, we typically invoice directly to the insurance company but have the flexibility to invoice through our restoration partners business if desired.

    • With Triumph Contents Restoration as your trusted contents partner, your company can focus on your core business, greatly reduce your liability and increase overall customer satisfaction. Our partnership enhances every pack out and contents clean up.